Dog Alone On Streets For 6 Months Kept Her Painful Injury Hidden

After ending up on the streets, a small dog named Polly found refuge in a parking lot of a hotel being built in Los Angeles. She had nowhere to go, but she luckily had a Good Samaritan looking out for her.“Evan Daniel who was working on this project fed her for six month, but sadly, she was too scared to let him help her,” Hope For Paws writes on their YouTube channel. “He called different rescues in the area but wasn’t able to get help, and as this construction project was coming to an end, he got nervous that she will be left behind.”Thankfully, he reached out to Hope For Paws, and after sharing his story Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte headed out to get her. “The first few moments of the rescue seemed promising as if this is going to be EASY, but it definitely wasn’t,” writes Eldad. She kept running away for over 2 hours and with the heat over 100F/38C it was exhausting work. After several failed attempts Loreta was finally able to catch Polly. The two rescuers had to work fast to calm Polly down…she was so scared! didn’t know it at the time, but Polly was nursing a hidden injury. She had two broken ribs. But with the help of CARES vets and Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue, Polly is now “ready to find a loving forever home.” If you would like to adopt her, please contact Smooch Pooch directly: If you would like to adopt her, please contact Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue.

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