Dog Abandoned In Remote Reservoir Now Spends Her Days Demanding Cuddles

A dog was dumped in an abandoned water reservoir on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. She howled and cried and but no one came until Sidewalks Specials was contacted and told about “Sammie’s” plight. They came and retrieved “Sammie” from the garbage-ridden reservoir and promised they would find her a forever home…Sammie now has a super loving home with a sibling she adores. Sidewalk Specials expended their thanks, writing: “Thank you to the De Doorns resident who alerted us to Sammie’s plight, to the foster home who took her in, to the donors who covered her vet bills & to the family who gave her the best forever home- it really does take a village!”It really does take a village of caring people to turn tragedy into a second chance.

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