Dachshund Digs Holes On Command To Help His Mom Plant Flowers

If there’s one thing Dachshunds have an instinct to do it’s dig! Dachshunds were bred to burrow and which is probably why they love to dig in the dirt. This clever dog mom decided to put her Dachshund’s innate skill to work for her and has trained him to help her dig in her garden. While planting some flowers, she directs her doxie dog where to dig and he does! He also watches attentively as she puts the flowers in the holes. People are enchanted with the helpful pooch. One person commented, “Switching to professional digger is always faster than digging [yourself].Another wrote, “This is one of the sweetest, most wholesome things I’ve seen in a long time.” And another said they had a similar dog. “My childhood dog would do this. It was amazing because I never trained him to do it, he just saw me digging one day and decided to help. He was a sweetheart, I miss him.”If you have a Dachshund whose got lots of energy you may want to consider taking them to Earth Dog competitions. You can read more here.

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