Curious Cats Spy On Dog Visiting Next Door

A woman hilariously captured two cats living next door to her friend taking more than a little bit of interest in her dog. Jackie Evans brought her new rescue dog, Maja, to visit her friend in Horsham in the United Kingdom. They were out in the garden with Maja when Jackie noticed her friend’s neighbors peeking over the fence. As Maja gets a belly from from her friend, Jackie filmed the nosy felines, who just couldn’t stop staring!Viewers have all sorts of thoughts on what is going through the cats’ minds. One commented, “They look very envious.”Another thought the cats were plotting something. “They look like they are planning their attack on the dog for a later time when his people are not around,” they wrote. One thing is certain, the cats have zero interest in Jackie. They are fixated on Maja and stare very intently at the unexpected visitor. No wonder Jackie can’t help but laugh.

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