Clever Border Collie Fetches His Wandering Husky Friend

If the differences between Border Collies and Siberian Huskies wasn’t obvious, this cute video will clearly show them! While out for a walk on leash with their human, a Border Collie and Husky are walking side by side until their dad lets go of their leads. The Husky continues to walk ahead, absorbed in the smells and not paying much mind to where his family is. The border collie on the other hand…The adorable clip quickly became popular on Reddit with many people sharing how accurate they thought the dogs’ behavior is. Many were impressed by the Border Collie’s “take charge” attitude.“I like how he’s unfastened with one shake of the head, [like] ‘Oh yeah, just a little reminder that I’m here only of my own choosing,’” commented one redditor.“A gentle reminder that you’re not walking the collie, the collie’s walking you,” said another. Others noted that a husky wandering off to do his own thing is pretty normal behavior. “Huskies are all about that rebel life, that and drama, lots and lots of drama,” noted one viewer.One redditor wrote of his husky, “This was my dog Jasper. He would do this every time I put a leash or harness on him. He’d hold a grudge for it, too. He’d run off and go do something for 10 minutes and come back. Put no leash on him, he was cool. Just hung out within like 10 feet. It really made it hard to take him places though.”Noted another, “I worked with a guy who had huskies and could never let them go off lead, in his words ‘my dogs see the horizon and run at it until they catch it.”It’s a good thing this dog parent has such a clever Border Collie to keep his husky friend close by!This isn’t the first time a dog friend has had to retrieve a husky. Watch this Golden Retriever help get a husky out of a pool.

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