Animal Shelter Throws ‘Pitty Party’ to Help Find ‘Socially Awkward’ Dog a Home

Emma the German shepherd-cattle dog mix got treated to a special party to help her find a home. The shelter where she is staying threw Emma a “pitty party” after she became the first dog in seven years to have waited for over a year to find a forever home.
Surrey Animal Resource Centre
The Surrey Animal Resource Centre in British Columbia, Canada celebrated with the 5-year-old dog with cake, party hats and a kiddie pool filled with toys.emma adoptable dog gets pitty party“Today staff are celebrating her to let her know just how special she is. We will be posting photos and videos of the shelter animals celebrating throughout the day. Emma wants to share her special day with all the shelter animals waiting for homes and asks everyone to consider adopting or donating today in her honour,” the shelter posted to Facebook.Their longterm resident has been at the shelter since August 1, 2021. In a previous post to their Facebook page, Surrey Animal Resource Centre described Emma as “loyal to the core” but a bit “socially awkward.”emma adoptable dog gets pitty party“She tries to be one of the cool kids, but she is always putting her ‘paw in her mouth’ and saying the wrong thing,” staff writes of Emma. “Making new friends is hard.”Staff said she’s made a few “acquaintances,” but struggles with friendships.“She is happy to go on walks with the other dogs but large social gatherings are way too much pressure for her,” the shelter explains. “Emma finds it easier to hang out with people and loves to lean in for snuggles with the people she knows are not judging her for being socially awkward.”emma adoptable dog gets pitty partyStaff think Emma is the perfect dog for the introvert-leaning dog lover.They write, “Emma loves her toys and happily trots around with a big stuffy in her mouth. If you dread going to parties and events, Emma understands and is happy to stay at home with you for cuddles instead!”We’re pretty sure there are plenty of dog lovers that can imagine nothing better!If you would like more information on Emma you can visit their Facebook page for details or contact the shelter.

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