Abandoned Mama Dog is Rescued Easily But Her Grumpy Puppies Took Some Work

A mama dog and her two puppies were left behind when their humans moved away, but thankfully Stray Rescue of St. Louis came to save the day.“We pulled up to the abandoned house and saw the sweetest mama and her two little puppies in tow,” Stray Rescue described on YouTube. “A neighbor yelled, ‘Yeah! They moved away and just left them! They’ve been running in the streets.’”The rescue couldn’t get over sweet the mama dog was. The puppies, having never seen people, were not the same. In fact, one was pretty nippy when Donna went to pick him up. “This is one of the sweetest mamas we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting,” Stray Rescue wrote on Facebook. “However, one of the grumpiest little puppies we’ve ever met.”Pumpkin Patch, as she was named, rode in the front seat with Donna, eager to get to the rescue’s shelter. Pumpkin Patch’s babies – Eckerts and Stuckmeyer – have a foster family lined up. But Pumpkin Patch is still looking for a foster family. “Who can shower her with tons of love and accept all of her affection?”If you would like to apply to foster, you can find information here: Strayrescue.org/foster

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