Abandoned Dogs Hesitant to Be Saved Soon Greet Rescuers With Wagging Tails

Two small dogs abandoned between two villages in Greece weren’t about to jump into the arms of Ermioni from DAR Rescue. She was told about the pair by some passersby who noted that the dogs had been there for several weeks.DAR Rescue
Ermmioni wasn’t going to give up on them so she began to leave out food for them and coming back every day.DAR Rescue
Both were very hesitant around people. But Margie and Anita soon began wagging their tails when they saw the seasoned rescuer. Ermioni brought a friend to help and after several attempts and an interruption by a flock of sheep they managed to get the two dogs in the car.Margie looked ragged and had a terrible ear infection that ruptured her ear drum. Although Anita looked better off, she had pus in her uterus, which endangered her life.DAR Rescue
Thankfully, both are on the mend and are being treated for the Mediterranean diseases erlihia and anaplasma.They are now at DAR’s shelter where they will be under treatment for the next few months. The hopes are the two young dogs will find forever families soon!DAR Rescue

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