Puppy Goes On Her First Quack Walk With Her New Farm Animal Family

The Quack Walk is a regular routine at Scofflaw Farm. The farm animals all enjoy a leisurely stroll, following after their human as they walk around the farm. And for this little puppy named Glinda it’s her very first Quack Walk.puppy goes on quack walkThe Great Pyrenees puppy does great too, following after her mom and the entourage of animals. She’s got “unbelievable (shep)herding instincts” as you will see towards the end of the video.On another day, she’s pooped out by the walk and gets some help!Glinda soon figures out that if she stands on the Quack Walk path, maybe she’ll get a goat or two to play with her. She really wants to play with Cowgirl, Bonnie, & Clyde, but they’re really not that interested in playing with her. Thankfully, big dog Marilyn saves the day.

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